Darryl Chan

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      Darryl Chan

      (Intern) – NUS Law School (LLB Hons ’22)

      In my recent stint interning at Law Connect LLC under the tutelage of Ms Mala, I have gained valuable experience and knowledge spanning a variety of practice areas. For the most part, I worked on accident and medical negligence cases, which allowed me to familiarise myself with the field of personal injury and the day-to-day issues that claimants face.

      I was also exposed to corporate law issues and the drafting of agreements, as well as the drafting of summonses and affidavits. Additionally, in accompanying Ms Mala to court, I have become more well-acquainted with the process of criminal and civil litigation.

      Most importantly, through this internship I have become better able to independently take on tasks, conduct legal research and find resources on my own, which I believe will serve me well in the future.