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Family Law & Family Violence

  • Successfully argued applications for discovery and ancillary proceedings for foreign high net worth husband in contested maintenance proceedings involving an equally if not higher net worth foreign wife;
  • Successfully conducted time consuming mediations in State Courts which resulted in Husband and Wife in their respective contested suits for divorce settling both the grounds of the divorce and ancillary matters amicably;
  • Rendered advisories on Drafting of Separation Deeds and Prenuptial Agreements ;
  • Successfully negotiated agreements to present divorce on simplified uncontested divorce proceedings;
  • Successfully acted for wife Plaintiff in Nullity proceedings;
  • Rendered advice on matrimonial assets and entitlement to maintenance in various types of divorce and an array of divorce settlements and judgements
  • Successfully concluded a complicated divorce from an arranged marriage where the H was a high income earner but not the dominant personality and a wife who was a well qualified dominant and controlling personality on a Dependant’s Pass.
  • Successfully strategized such that recalcitrant son conceded in his application for personal protection order against father and daughter;
  • Acted for father who had applied for and obtained a personal protection order against his son who lived with him in the same HDB flat;
  • Acted for a client who was a schizophrenic whose PRC wife had married him and deserted him a few months after registration of the marriage where substituted service application became an issue and which was granted such that his HDB flat would not be subject to matrimonial division.

Criminal Law Litigation Practice

  • Successfully made representations such that an accused person charged with 3 charges under Section 323 and 1 charge under Section 426 (mischief) such that charges were reduced to 2 charges under Sections 323 and which resulted in a sentence of Mandatory Treatment Order for the accused;
  • Successfully argued mitigation plea to reduce sentence to a fine with instalment payment for a charge under Section 128 Customs Act read with Section 77 of the Goods and Services Tax Act;
  • Drafted representations to reduce charges for an accused person from rioting under Section 147 of the Penal Code to Section 20 of the Miscellaneous Offences (Public Order and Nuisance) Act;
  • Successfully reduced 2 charges under Section 354 of the Penal Code to 1 charge (outrage of modesty) and mitigated such that accused person was sentenced to a reduced jail term of 3 months notwithstanding previous conviction;
  • Acted for an accused person charged with Sections 325 and Sections 267A of the Penal Code which resulted in a reduced plea and reduced sentence;
  • Acted for an accused person with previous antecedent such that 4 charges were reduced to 2 charges under Section 323 and Section 506 of the Penal Code, resulting in a reduced prison sentence of less than the specified 40 days requirement for retention of qualifications earned by him for and opportunities available in the security industry.
  • Acted in a 6 day trial for an accused person charged with 2 charges under Section 420 read with Section 116 of the Penal Code (cheating) and 1 charge under Oaths & Declarations Act
  • Acted for accused persons charged under Penal Code and Road Traffic Act for road traffic offences and successfully reduced charges from Section 64 to Section 65 and from Section 337(b) Penal Code to Section 65 of the Road Traffic Act with reduced fine and reduced disqualification;
  • Acted for an accused person charged with Section 324 and Section 337(a) Penal Code and successfully argued for reduction to 1 charge with mitigated sentence of 3 months;
  • Acted for an accused person charged with 6 charges under Section 408 of the Penal Code (criminal breach of trust) such that mitigation resulted in lesser sentence;
  • Successfully argued withdrawal of 2 charges under Section 509 Penal Code and Section 447 Penal Code of outrage of modesty (upskirt video) and criminal trespass respectively;
  • Acted for clients in charges under Section 323 read with Section 73 of the Penal Code in respect of maid abuse;

Civil Litigation

  • Acted for Plaintiffs in various liability scenarios and advising on quantum in their claims for personal injury;
  • Debt collection for long standing client in claims for non-payment for services rendered;
  • Acted for a Plaintiff in his claim for serious personal injuries in a tree falling branch incident by arguing successfully on non-delegable duty;
  • Acted for Plaintiff company in their claim for breach of non-disclosure agreement, non-compete and non-solicitation against their employee;
  • Successfully negotiated settlements for specific scenarios by using the offer to settle regime to advantage;
  • Perusal of medical reports and seeking clarifications to bolster the quantum achievable for the claimant’s claim.
  • Drafted opinion to client on chances of success of transfer to higher jurisdiction when claim brought in a court of lower jurisdiction;
  • Advised Company in distinguishing their contracts such that the independent contractor aspects (contract for services) are highlighted rather than contract of service (employment) which was later used successfully to defeat a claim for vicarious liability;
  • Consulted and advised with respect to Interrogatories issued to support both Plaintiff’s and Defendant’s claims;
  • Instructed by small law firm in High Court claim for serious personal injuries including traumatic brain injury and fractures leaving Plaintiff with residual disabilities requiring attention to detail in cross examination of expert medical witnesses;
  • Instructed as consultant by small law firm in litigation strategy, advice and drafting of pleadings;
  • Rendered advice on Covid (Temporary Provisions ) Act 2020 in respect of both landlords and tenants as well as for hire purchase agreements in the light of COVID

Employment Lawyers In Singapore

  • Acted for employers in various types of businesses in crafting their Employment Contracts to accord with changes in Employment Act over the years
  • Advised employers in claims presented against them by their employees;
  • Advisory on employment law;
  • Acted for employers in claims against employees under non-compete and non-solicitation

Protection from Harassment Act (POHA)  & Defamation Practice

  • Acted for and successfully obtained protection order under POHA for a director of a company against her co-director for stalking and threatening, abusive and insulting behaviour, whatsapp communication and sexual harassment;
  • Acted for clients in a defamation claim against parents and secured an apology and undertaking;
  • Advised complainant in a Magistrates complaint brought by victim of anonymous doxxing (publication of identity information) on Instagram by her co-worker’s ex-partner ; drafted Settlement Agreement and Apology to crystallise what she wanted as baseline from the perpetrator; attended mediation which resulted in a settlement.
  • Defended a client in his claim against a revenge claim for defamation by his competitors

Wills, Probate & Administration of Estates of Deceased’s Persons

  • Acted for clients including trust corporations in both contested and uncontested probate applications;
  • Acted for an administrator of an estate where the deceased’s son was eventually found not to be his lawful son;
  • Acted for a mother whose childless son enabled her to obtain ½ share in the estate of her son before letters of administration were granted to the deceased’s estranged wife;
  • Acted for deceased’s persons who committed suicide and whose estates required extra steps being undertaken to comply with court directions before letters of administration/probate could be granted;
  • Handled other contested estate matters.


  • Completed a due diligence advisory for a Singapore construction company’s proposed listing in Hong Kong under very tight timelines. The advice rendered was specifically related to insurance law and whether or not the Company’s existing insurance policies covers the insured event as well as the dramatis personae in construction contracts who are exposed to possible criminal offences as employers, main contractors and subcontractors;
  • Acted for minority shareholder in his minority oppression claim against the majority shareholder who had committed similar acts against the Company;
  • Advised a shareholder in his claim against the director-shareholder of the company for return of his capital outlay and claim for unpaid services under an employment relationship;
  • Acted for companies whose share transactions had to be lodged again due to late filing or incorrect shareholder transfers;
  • Prepared written submissions for just and equitable winding up under Section 254 (1) (i) of the Companies Act
  • Assisted corporate secretarial firms in assisting directors to strike off companies and reduce or increase share capital;
  • Acted for directors in company winding up applications under Section 254 (1) (a), (b), (c), (d), (e ), (f) and (i) Companies Act (Cap 50)

Maintenance of Parents Act

  • Acted for an 81 year old father in a High Court appeal against the decision of the Tribunal for Maintenance of Parents to make his sons pay maintenance in an interesting case not contemplated under the Maintenance of Parents Act. Researched in Hansard/Parliamentary Debates for the bill, the procedure for appeal and attendance at hearing to argue the matter.

Intellectual Property

  • Applied for various types of trademarks and overcame objections from IPOS to succeed in the registration;
  • Drafted and re-drafted term sheet for assignment and sale of IP rights;
  • Applied for and renewal of trademarks ;
  • Successfully defended infringement of trademark such that the infringer was able to get off with a less onerous apology and undertaking;
  • Successfully replied to an alleged trademark owner who attempted to make a claim out of trademark infringement when there was none
  • Advisory on regulatory considerations for an online betting startup
  • Advised and drafted terms and conditions for an online fashion startup

Mental Capacity Applications

  • Acted for Deputy son in his applications for Deputy after father was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia;
  • Acted for a brother in his application for Deputy for his sister who was committed to a nursing home because of mental challenges;
  • Part of team acting for a husband deceased’s nephew who contested a will by the wife’s nephew who was entitled under the wife’s Lasting Power of Attorney. (LPA)

Landlord & Tenant

  • Acted for Landlord in his claim for rental arrears from a recalcitrant tenant;
  • Acted for commercial corporate tenant in their claim for return of security deposit and repairs undertaken for the premises
  • Acted for tenant in claim against wrongful eviction;
  • Advised commercial tenants and landlords under the COVID (Temporary Provisions) Act 2020.

Accident & Personal Injury Compensation Claims

  • Succeeded in transferring applications from lower courts to higher courts in claims in excess of jurisdiction of the lower courts by attention to detail of precedent cases and application of principles by Court in such cases. Recently successfully defended an appeal in High Court by insurance company for transfer of jurisdiction.
  • We use our skillsets to get to nub of liability by identifying key issues in all accident matters, evidence available and procedure to put the best case forward for injured victims and are able to place focus on matters relevant to increasing quantum of damages for compensation in personal injury cases whether due to motor accident cases, public liability, employee compensation and all other personal injury claims.
  • After staying the course to put up long hard battles against insurance company lawyers, positioned such personal injury cases from both procedural and evidential perspectives, such that personal injury claimants were able to obtain higher claims for damages and/or successful settlements.

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