Divorce Lawyers in Singapore


    If you are thinking of divorce or in the middle of one right now and need legal advice, call our specialist divorce lawyer helpline at 63279016 or book an appointment with us through contact@lawconnectllc.com.sg.


    We can help you with all your Family Law and Divorce legal issues.. Lawconnect LLC offers a full range of matrimonial legal services to match your needs and budgets. Lawconnect LLLC legal services ensures you have peace of mind when dealing with such divorce and matrimonial related legal issues. During the free 1st initial consultation, Lawconnect LLC’s  lawyer will provide you with advice on procedure, costs and available legal and practical options to help you understand your family predicament. Divorce in Singapore is the legal procedure/mechanism to terminate a marriage by way of an order of court or court imposed decision. The first stage involves having to prove the end of the marriage, which allows the Court to grant an Interim Judgment by proof of an irretrievable breakdown of marriage using 5 main facts as the basis.


    The second stage concerns the agreement or settlement of ancillary matters, such as child custody, spousal and child maintenance. Unless this second stage is completed, the divorce cannot be finalized. Aside of effectively ending a marital union, a divorce also results in having to deal with disputes on how much to pay for maintenance or alimony for your wife, child custody differences, maintenance for children below 21 or child support and division of family assets such as the matrimonial home, bank accounts, investments, stocks, jointly owned and inherited assets amongst other monetary matters.

    How to File for Divorce in Singapore?

    Below are the main steps on how to file for divorce in Singapore.

    Signing and submission of required documents to the Family Justice Court (FJC) to commence the divorce proceedings in Singapore. 5 Specific documents you need to submit include:

    • Writ for Divorce – a document that the Plaintiff must present to Court to officially start the divorce process.
    • Statement of Claim – a statement that includes information such as details of the parties such as date of birth and occupation, length of marriage, number of children, the facst relied on for the divorce and the reliefs claimed.
    • Statement of Particulars – a detailed statement of facts as to why the marriage has irretrievably broken down.
    • Proposed Parenting Plan – a proposal on the care arrangements for children who are below 21 years old
    • Proposed Matrimonial Property Plan – a proposal on how to deal with/divide the Housing & Development Board (HDB) flat.


    How does the Court divide assets belonging to husband and wife upon divorce?

    There are generally 2 approaches – the structured approach and the uplift methodology – the structured approach gives weight to direct monetary contributions first and then to indirect before division of assets. The uplift methodology also achieves the same by giving regard to financial contributions first and then an uplift for indirect contributions by either spouse. The structure approach was preferred as the uplift methodology may be subject to double counting of direct contributions or undervaluing indirect contributions. Get in touch with us to find out more….