Gao Shuchao v Tan Kok Quan and others [2018] SGHC 115

Gao Shuchao’s case concerns comments made by Gao to the members of the Management Council (MC) of a Singapore condominium, where he had asked MC for reasons for the delay in revealing the fact that they had received judgment monies owed to the MC by a developer. Based on the information provided for in the MC Report, the High Court found that the Defendant Gao was not reckless when he stated that the members of MC was either “deliberately concealing or misrepresenting the fact that they had already received the monies”. On appeal by the Defendant, the High Court decided that it was not wrong for Gao to use those words for clarification from the MC and that he was not reckless in refusing to  apologise as he had a right to make those statements at an MC meeting. The Defendant could not be said to have had bad motive as he was simply asking for clarification from the MC as to why they were imposing additional levies.