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LAWCONNECT LLC is a Singapore based boutique law firm in a group law practice setting. As Singapore is a common law based jurisdiction we are well placed to understand legal needs from such jurisdictions.

We also provide legal services for corporates and corporate legal counsel in litigation, arbitration and corporate matters. One of our lawyers sits on the Inquiry panel of the Law Society of Singapore.

For corporates we are especially focused on contested and uncontested employment law issues like non-compete, confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, personal data protection and whole suite of other offerings such as ACRA related corporate applications to court to regularize filings, due diligence advisory and a lot more. As for corporate agreements we are well suited to advise on all manner of contracts and contractual agreements, with a focus on e-commerce and IT contracts, landlord and tenant disputes, and other general corporate agreements.

We also serve a multitude of individual clients who require personal legal advice on divorce, division of matrimonial assets, personal protection orders, custody of children, personal injury, wills and probate, lasting powers of attorneys (LPAs or living wills) and deputyships (LPAs after losing mental capacity), etc whether from Singapore or from overseas but who reside in Singapore.

For example we averted a son’s claim for inheritance against his father’s assets when he was not the biological son of his father where there was no will.

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Family Lawyer in Singapore

We have also acted for a high net worth foreign husband in his divorce proceedings here against his equally high net worth wife through discovery applications aimed at the wife’s disclosure of her multiple personal overseas properties. In this regard we have been appointed as a Primary Justice Panel lawyer.

We also make representations to the AGC to reduce criminal charges, plead for reduced sentences and also defend criminal charges, where possible. For example, we have advised and reduced charges under the Penal Code to Road Traffic Offences and reduced sentences from jail terms to Mandatory Treatment Orders (MTOs)

As social media has fueled a need for legal advice for individuals and corporates in the areas of defamation, protection from online harassment, protection from online falsehoods and related matters, we also offer quick advice and practical solutions in these areas. For example, we have advised an individual who was gravely distressed by anonymous Instagram troll and defended a maker of criticism on instagram and google reviews.

As a full suite law firm, we also offer legal advice and solutions in all other areas of general practice, such as debt collection, a variety of contractual and tortious disputes, minority shareholder disputes and other areas.

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Pretrial matters including Representations to the Attorney General’s Chambers when charged with criminal offences & mitigation pleas to reduce sentences

Privacy & Confidentiality

Privacy Law, Data Protection and Protection from Harassment

Personal Injury

Ms. Mala has sighted hundreds of medical reports over the years to identify claims for personal injuries largely for motor accident claims but other negligence claims as well.


Lawconnect LLLC legal services ensures you have peace of mind when dealing with such divorce and matrimonial related legal issues.


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