Faiz Khafidz | Intern | Law Connect LLC

” My internship experience at Law Connect LLC was certainly an enriching one. I appreciate the fact that we were given the opportunity to carry out tasks at various stages of the proceedings, from taking clients’ instructions and drafting legal documents, to attending court sessions and finalising billing matters. I came away not only with a deeper understanding of the various court processes and procedures, but also a better appreciation of the lawyering skills that are crucial for practice. It certainly helps to have a good mentor in Ms Mala who was always patient with my questions, and whose serendipitous coffee breaks in the afternoons were always a much-welcomed treat! “

Faiz Khafidz, Intern , Singapore Management University

“I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to complete my Practice Training at Law Connect LLC with Ms Mala. Ms Mala was a responsible and understanding supervisor. During the course of my training, she provided me with ample opportunities to gain exposure from a broad spectrum of legal work. Conducting client meetings and working with Ms Mala also showed me how dedicated she was as a lawyer, and someone who strives to do her best for her clients. Working with Ms Mala was a pleasant experience and one which I gained from tremendously.”

Eleanor Ko, Trainee, Singapore Management University

Eleanor Ko | Trainee | Law Connect LLC

” During my……….. internship at Law Connect LLC, under the mentorship of Ms Mala Ravindran, I was incredibly fortunate to experience first hand her dedication to and her wealth of knowledge in her many areas practice. I certainly learnt a lot during my short stint at Law Connect LLC and I am sure it will be an invaluable experience for any other law students as well. ”

Ben Ng, King’s College London, London, United Kingdom

Ben Ng | Intern | Law Connect LLC
Sasha Nelson | Intern | Law Connect LLC

” I thoroughly enjoyed my time interning at Law Connect LLC and I felt that the experience was very beneficial for me, ………. I had many different tasks to do that allowed me to discover exactly what working as a lawyer would involve. My favourite part of the internship would be the court attendances, as it allowed me to see how each type of court works within Singapore, compared to back home in the UK. I felt very involved with each case that I worked on and would love to return and learn more. “

Sasha Nelson, Sheffield University, United Kingdom

” During my internship with LawConnect LLC, I gained hands-on experiences ranging from interviewing clients, managing files, accompanying her to court attendances and drafting legal documents. Additionally, I was able to see the process from start to finish, allowing me to understand where my work fits in to the bigger picture. Since I encountered new and unfamiliar cases, I had to undertake research beyond what is taught in school, which was enjoyable for me. My mentor, Ms Mala, was patient in explaining both the legal and practical aspects of her work, and I learnt a lot during my time there. ”

Jess Cheong, National University of Singapore, Singapore

Jess Cheong | Intern | Law Connect LLC
Rohan George | Intern | Law Connect LLC

” My experience with you was quite insightful, as it was my first time being in a law firm doing litigation work. One positive about working in your firm was the chance to do actual work. You allowed me to try drafting letters, documents, affidavits and so on. I enjoyed that part of the internship. Secondly, I also appreciated the chance to have a small amount of client contact; that was also instructive. I hope I was able to be of some help to you too. “

Rohan George, The London School of Economics and Political Science – LSE, United Kingdom